Make Sure Your Business Deal & Meeting is Well Taken Care

We also offer business & meeting rooms for any occasion business deals. In addition, all business meeting supporting equipments such as LED projector, chairs, tables and sounds system are available for hire.

Ready for any occasion

We hear your business needs. Talk to us to get the best deal from our business and meeting rooms.

Jade Room

Size: 128-sqm
Theater: 100 pax
Dinner: 8 tables
U Shape: 50 pax
Class room: 70 pax

Emerald Room

Size: 315-sqm
Theater: 200 pax
Dinner: 12 tables
U Shape: 70 pax
Class room: 100 pax

Ruby Room

Size: 263-sqm
Theater: 120 pax
Dinner: 15 tables
Cocktail: 300 pax
U Shape: 70 pax
Class Room: 150 pax

Sapphire Room

Size: 750-sqm
Theater: 800 pax
Dinner: 60 Tables
Cocktail: 1500 pax
Classroom: 300 pax

Diamond Room

Size: 1500-sqm
Theater: 2000 pax
Dinner: 135 Tables
Cocktail: 3000 pax
Classroom: 1000 px